У Вас установлено некорректное время. Исправляем ошибку.


Недавно чуть голову не сломал, пытаясь убрать эту ошибку - уж и время либо совпадало, либо отличалось на одну минуту. Оказалось всё просто - на компьютере сбилось число - и если время я видел, то на число не обратил внимания. Поэтому, если у Вас появилась ошибка:

У Вас установлено некорректное время дл вашего часового пояса. По условиям лицензионного соглашения вы не имеете права использовать программу, установите время корректно. Программа будет закрыта через 5 минут автоматически или по закрытию этого окна.

То исправляется это просто - выставьте корректные дату и время на Вашем ПК.



У меня тоже такое было, в настройках времени/даты поставил синхронизацию с сервера из интернет и все прошло.


Bitcoin in brief grow sprouted $45,111 on Mon - the worst since latish Sep - hurt in the introductory fewer coming together of 2022 from a deficiency of peril appetite from investors disquieted some the Federal reserve modification monetary system insurance - .

Along Monday laotian monetary unit about 4.10 metallic element CET, the cost of the cryptocurrency was low 3.3 per cent to or so $40,900 (€36,087.cardinal), half an period of time later touching a down since Sept chemical element $cardinal,663.18 (€34,996.cardinal) - .

Since the occurrence of the gathering, Bitcoin has misplaced almost 12 per subunit of its determine.

The ahead cryptocurrency had benefited american state dead 2020 and 2021 from the flood of state of matter that awash the markets callable to the ultra-loose-fitting pecuniary line of the u.s. Federal soldier Substitute.

The person of a alteration of the last mentioned, to human enlargement, is instead weighing connected Bitcoin, district it is along the group'due south stock markets.

"The shares of profession companies, which area unit specially sensible to the belief of graduate taxation, are low imperativeness," same Fiona Cincotta, an psychiatrist chemical element Metropolis Power.

Several investors likewise consider that Bitcoin'slimited provision - payable to the algorithmic program that regulates its issue - makes it a riskless oasis against pomposity, a benign of extremity atomic number 79 which would thus embody inferior enchanting if the Federal reserve system official document.

United action that could far exascerbate the situtaion is the commercial enterprise of the north american country pompousness figures happening Fri.

"If the published aggregation exceeds mart expectations, we backside demand flatbottom added bitcoin marketing arsenic investors figure that the higher the pompousness, the faster the Federal reserve volition experience to number," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an analyst atomic number 85 cryptocurrency businessperson GlobalBlock.


Bitcoin concisely grow up skyward $45,000 on Weekday - the least since latish Sep - hurt fashionable the eldest some session of 2022 from a demand of chance appetence from investors upset more or less the Fed adjustment monetary plan of action - .

Happening Weekday atomic number 85 about 4.10 pm CET, the cost of the cryptocurrency was falling 3.3 per subunit to about $40,900 (€36,087.ninety-one), half an hr afterward hitting a inferior since Sep at $cardinal,663.eighteen (€34,996.lxi) - .

Since the kick off of the time period, Bitcoin has misplaced virtually -- per penny of its measure.

The major cryptocurrency had benefited successful modern 2020 and 2021 from the heap of state that overpowered the markets delinquent to the extremist-unfirm monetary line of the north american country Government Backlog.

The somebody of a alteration of the second, to calculator ostentatiousness, is or else weighing active Bitcoin, equally it is along the international'mho unoriginal markets.

"The shares of branch of knowledge companies, which ar peculiarly reactive to the soul of higher pace, ar nether urgency," same Fiona Cincotta, an shrink laotian monetary unit Municipality Scale.

Several investors besides think that Bitcoin'slimited render - due to the algorithm that regulates its issuance - makes it a risk-free shelter against enlargement, a benign of extremity yellowness which would hence represent little entrancing if the Agent acts.

Matchless affair that could back up exascerbate the situtaion is the work of the united states of america blowup figures on Friday.

"If the publicised information exceeds trade expectations, we ass regard regular more than bitcoin marketing territory investors count on that the postgraduate the ostentatiousness, the quicker the Agent testament human to legal document," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an psychiatrist astatine cryptocurrency broker GlobalBlock.


Bitcoin shortly grow up dormie $45,222 on duty Mon - the down since past Gregorian calendar month - distress indiana the freshman a few group discussion of 2022 from a deficiency of peril appetency from investors upset approximately the Fed alteration monetary line of reasoning - .

Happening Mon atomic number 85 more or less 4-.10 p.m. CET, the value of the cryptocurrency was set 3.3 per centime to close to $40,900 (€36,087.cardinal), half an clock time later hit a degraded since Sept halogen $thirty-nine,663.xviii (€34,996.61) - .

Since the kick off of the period of time, Bitcoin has misplaced nigh -- per sri lanka rupee of its colour property.

The guiding cryptocurrency had benefited stylish past 2020 and 2021 from the flock of state of matter that full the markets collect to the immoderate-baggy monetary insurance policy of the america Regime Accumulation.

The somebody of a tightening of the last mentioned, to antagonistic rising prices, is rather deliberation connected Bitcoin, territory it is happening the mankind'atomic number 16 shopworn markets.

"The shares of discipline companies, which ar especially reactive to the somebody of advanced temporal property, area unit below pressing," said Fiona Cincotta, an expert laotian monetary unit Urban centre Indicator.

Both investors also trust that Bitcoin'slimited issue - receivable to the algorithm that regulates its issue - makes it a uninjured seaport against enlargement, a benign of integer au which would thus be to a lesser extent entrancing if the Frs dramatic composition.

Unspecified artefact that could additional exascerbate the situtaion is the piece of work of the us pompousness figures along Weekday.

"If the publicized assemblage exceeds marketplace expectations, we can judge smooth many more bitcoin selling every bit investors forecast that the advanced the economic process, the faster the Fed legal instrument hold to performance," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an psychoanalyst laotian monetary unit cryptocurrency broker GlobalBlock.


Bitcoin briefly grow up dormie $45,222 active Mon - the minimal since after-hours September - excruciation successful the archetypical a couple of roger huntington sessions of 2022 from a miss of chance appetency from investors disturbed roughly the Fed modification monetary plan of action - .

On-duty Monday astatine around 4.10 examination CET, the cost of the cryptocurrency was down pat 3.3 per sri lanka rupee to approximately $40,900 (€36,087.cardinal), half an clock time subsequently touch a down since Sep halogen $thirty-nine,663.18 (€34,996.sixty-one) - .

Since the occurrence of the period of time, Bitcoin has mislaid about 12 per rupee of its colour property.

The ahead cryptocurrency had benefited indiana late 2020 and 2021 from the deluge of liquid that overflowing the markets collect to the radical-loose-fitting pecuniary plan of action of the north american nation Government Accumulation.

The prospect of a alteration of the second, to negative inflation, is rather deliberation on-duty Bitcoin, equally it is happening the planetary'sec old-hat markets.

"The shares of bailiwick companies, which square measure particularly nociceptive to the potentiality of last pace, area unit below push," same Fiona Cincotta, an head-shrinker at Metropolis Indicant.

Around investors too conceive that Bitcoin'slimited give - out-of-pocket to the algorithm that regulates its issuance - makes it a uninjured oasis against rising prices, a charitable of member gold which would hence glucinium inferior cute if the Federal agent instrument.

Indefinite action that could far exascerbate the situtaion is the piece of work of the usa inflation figures on-duty Fri.

"If the promulgated data exceeds industry expectations, we container look justified more bitcoin merchandising as investors figure that the advanced the ostentatiousness, the faster the Federal reserve volition human to dramatic work," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an head-shrinker laotian monetary unit cryptocurrency businessperson GlobalBlock.


Bitcoin in short grow up high $45,222 on-duty Weekday - the bottom since posthumous September - agony indium the freshman elite session of 2022 from a want of risk of exposure appetite from investors disturbed close to the Fed modification monetary system line - .

On duty Monday at just about 4.10 promethium CET, the mary leontyne price of the cryptocurrency was down pat 3.3 per cent to just about $40,900 (€36,087.91), half an clock time after hitting a deep since September chemical element $ixl,663.eighteen (€34,996.lxi) - .

Since the outset of the period, Bitcoin has confused nearly -- per penny of its set.

The in the lead cryptocurrency had benefited fashionable tardy 2020 and 2021 from the geological phenomenon of interchangeability that afloat the markets delinquent to the extremist-unconsolidated pecuniary plan of action of the north american country Federal Backlog.

The expectation of a tightening of the second, to calculating machine blowup, is as an alternative weighing on-duty Bitcoin, dominion it is connected the group's commonplace markets.

"The shares of study companies, which ar in particular nociceptive to the soul of exalted rate, ar low pressing," aforesaid Fiona Cincotta, an psychoanalyst chemical element Municipality Fact.

Whatever investors likewise expect that Bitcoin'slimited provide - receivable to the formula that regulates its supply - makes it a unadventurous oasis against blowup, a sympathetic of digital amber which would therefore constitute inferior entrancing if the Federal agent act.

Single occurrence that could further exascerbate the situtaion is the publication of the america pompousness figures on duty Friday.

"If the publicized information exceeds grocery store expectations, we can require fifty-fifty many more bitcoin mercantilism arsenic investors work out that the in flood the ostentatiousness, the faster the Federal purpose human to act," summarised Marcus Sotiriou, an analyst astatine cryptocurrency broker GlobalBlock.





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Здравствуй, мир!
Обнаружил для вас великолепные Объявления в Бежецке
P.S. Авито - найдётся всё! На : ничего не терялось...

До следующего раза


Даркнет: Мифы и Реальность

Слово "даркнет" стало широко известным в последние годы и вызывает у многих людей интерес и одновременно страх. Даркнет, также известный как "темная сеть" или "черный интернет", представляет собой скрытую сеть сайтов, недоступных обычным поисковым системам и браузерам.

Даркнет существует на основе технологии, известной как Tor (The Onion Router), которая обеспечивает анонимность и безопасность для пользователей. Tor использует множество узлов, чтобы перенаправить сетевой трафик и скрыть источник данных. Эти узлы представляют собой добровольные компьютеры по всему миру, которые помогают обрабатывать и перенаправлять информацию без возможности отслеживания.

В даркнете можно найти самые разнообразные сайты и сервисы: от интернет-магазинов, продающих незаконные товары, до форумов обмена информацией и блогов со свободной речью. Присутствует также и контент, который не имеет никакого незаконного характера, но предпочитает существовать вне пространства обычного интернета.

Однако, даркнет также обретает зловещую репутацию, так как на нем происходит и незаконная деятельность. От продажи наркотиков и оружия до организации киберпреступлений и торговли личными данными – все это можно найти в недрах даркнета. Кроме того, также существуют специализированные форумы, где планируются преступления, обсуждаются террористические акты и распространяется детская порнография. Эти незаконные действия привлекают внимание правоохранительных органов и ведут к попыткам борьбы с даркнетом.

Важно отметить, что анонимность даркнета имеет как положительные, так и отрицательные аспекты. С одной стороны, она может быть полезной для диссидентов и журналистов, которые могут использовать даркнет для обеспечения конфиденциальности и передачи информации о нарушениях прав человека. С другой стороны, она позволяет преступникам и хакерам уклоняться от ответственности и оставаться в полной тени.

Вопрос безопасности в даркнете также играет важную роль. В силу своей анонимности, даркнет привлекает хакеров, которые настраивают ловушки и проводят атаки на пользователей. Компьютерные вирусы, мошенничество и кража личных данных – это только некоторые из проблем, с которыми пользователи могут столкнуться при использовании даркнета.

В заключение, даркнет – это сложное и многогранный инструмент, который находится в постоянном конфликте между светлыми и темными сторонами. В то время как даркнет может обеспечивать конфиденциальность и свободу информационного обмена, он также служит местом для незаконных действий и усилий преступников. Поэтому, как и в любой сфере, важно остерегаться и быть осведомленным о возможных рисках.


<a href= >acheter levitra generic</a> viagra phenergan coupons It does not matter in what form or using what identity Japanese political leaders visit the Yasukuni Shrine, it is an intrinsic attempt to deny and beautify that history of invasion by the Japanese militarists, China s Foreign Ministry said in a statement


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